Saturday, June 30, 2007

Word Grid # 2

Unsolved. So I am revealing the answers.


nimish79 said...


anantha said...

what is exort? i guess u r wrongly referring to exhort. also, races adds up to 46 but it doesn't sit in the word grid. u must remember this is not an arabic word grid. so you lose your chance of being the sigma don. you've posted wrong answers. and i think those who post their answers need to double check before they post. so you will not get another shot at this word grid. the word grid is still open. others can give it a shot.

nimish79 said...

okai dude i wont give it nother shot. i just messed up the RACES part. dunno how i looked at it in RACES. :)

anantha said...

i wish the others cud give u some competition. may be i shud do something to offer a level playing field.

catcharun said...

this game is not as easy as you make it seem...fitting those words in is difficult..
maybe a letter here or there would help..but it may just be me..was never good where numbers were involved.