Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The End

Sigma 26 retires with grace.

And the Sigma Don for Life is...

The name is Baghdadi. Sheece Baghdadi. He is hereby licensed the bragging rights for using the title 'Sigma Don for Life'. The others who made it to the hall of fame, can at least tell their grand children, that they did what 6 billion humans couldn't.

Those who wish to take Sheece's autograph can write to sheece@gmail.com

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Word Grid # 26 (Difficulty Level - Doctorate)

24 not cracked. 25 not cracked. 26 dunno. If no one gets 26, I might just desist from anointing anyone as Sigma Don for Life...

Connecting theme: Cricketer nicknames. Jumbo is Kumble's. Metronome is McGrath's. And Iceman is Steve Waugh's.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Word Grid # 25 (Difficulty Level - Doctorate)

no one got this one.

connecting theme: words coined by shakespeare.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Word Grid # 24 (Difficulty Level - Doctorate)

I am forced to disclose the results as no one is even close to the answer i was looking for. It wasn't as vague as you thought. The connecting theme is old band names of famous bands. Grateful Dead was Warlocks. Deep Purple started off as Roundabout. And Feedback became U2. Srividya got to Feedback. A little knowledge of trivia would have helped her. Too bad. No one got this one.

Final twist in the Sigma tale

Ladies & Gentlemen, in the interest of world peace, I've taken a decision to wind up Sigma 26 when we touch 26 puzzles. So there will be just 3 more puzzles. All of them of doctorate variety. They will appear on Friday, Sat'day & Sunday. It's a level playing field. No one can whine that I didn't issue any prior warning. The winner will be crowned as the Sigma Don for Life. Now that's a huge title to win. You can put that in the first line of your CV. May the best man (not a sexist term) win.

Word Grid # 23 (Difficulty Level - Playschool)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Word Grid # 20 (Difficulty Level - Doctorate)

Connecting theme: Space shuttles - Challenger, Columbia & Atlantis.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Word Grid # 13 (Difficulty Level - UKG)

Introducing new fairplay rules

Parasu & Srividya have been hogging all the points from the puzzles. Full credit to them. But their fastest-finger-first attitude might be discouraging several others who wish to play. So here are some new rules to ensure everyone gets an even shot at all the grids.

1. I shall post a maximum of 3 puzzles in a day.
2. If I post 3 puzzles, it will be of varying degrees of difficulty.
3. Everyone gets a crack at only one puzzle a day. What this means is, if you post your answers for one grid, you will not get a shot at another grid posted, the same day. Translated that means if Srividya cracks one grid, she will not be eligible to participate in other puzzles, posted for that day.
4. But in case, a grid does not get solved in one day, rule no.3 will be relaxed. And it becomes free for all.
5. Any puzzle will be open for just 3 days. If it doesn't get solved in 3 days, I shall announce the solution.

All the above rules come into force from the next puzzle.

Now you might accuse me of being anti-merit, but I think it's fair. Because no one should have an advantage over others, just because they are hooked on to the comp for 24-hours. Hope these new rules don't dampen any spirits. It's all for the greater common good of the lowest common denominator. It's one more please-all policy from me in my quest for the nobel please prize :-)

Any cribs, complaints or criticism on the new rules can be aired in the comments section.

Word Grid # 12 (Difficulty Level - Graduate)

The theme is of course, chemical elements.

Word Grid # 11 (Difficulty Level: UG)

How the tortoise can beat the hare.

Having trouble keeping pace with the twinkle types who solve a grid before you get to it? Here's a solution. Subscribe to the Sigma 26 feed in the sidebar. Everytime a new grid is posted, you'll get an email alert in your inbox or blackberry. Once you download the grid, try and solve it asap. If you are unable to solve the grid, send me a billion dollars and I'll consider helping you with a cheat sheet :-)

A Twist in the Sigma Tale

Why should all grids have the same points? Doesn't a Graduate grid deserve more points than the LKG grid? I've decided to correct this lacuna. From now on, the points structure will be as follows:

Playschool, LKG & UKG Grids - 1 Point
Under Graduate Grid - 2 Points
Graduate Grid - 3 Points
Doctorate Grid - 5 Points

This way, there will be an incentive to crack tougher grids. And all you who lose out due to lack of 24/7 connectivity, will get a level playing field.

Word Grid # 10 (Difficulty Level - UKG)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Word Grid # 5 (Difficulty Level - LKG)

Sigma 26 gets even more elementary.

Yes it's happened. I've decided to climb down from my high horse (boo hoo!) to your level. All for the greater common good of the lowest common denominator (that's you). I am going to increase the easiness level by revealing one more letter. And how am I planning to do this? Well, this is where the shape of the grid comes into focus. At least one of the words in the grid will start with the alphabet cued by the grid shape. That is, if it's a p-shaped grid, at least one of the words will start with p. I shall dangle this carrot from the next puzzle. Now wipe that smile off your face and get cracking.

The Sigma Hall of Fame is Here

It may not be the Oscar or the Grammy but it's surely worth a brag. From today, Sigma 26 will celebrate those who cared & dared to solve the word grids. The successful solvers will get their names enshrined in the Sigma Hall of Fame in the sidebar. As of now, only Nimish can proudly tell his grand children that he made it to this list. What are you going to tell your grand children?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Word Grid # 4 (Difficulty Level - Playschool)

Sigma 26 just got simpler

I was under the impression that you need the IQ of an ant to solve the grids. Looks like I was wrong. To spread hope & cheer in this globe, I've decided to segment the grids into 6 difficulty levels:

Level 1 will be called Playschool. I will reveal 5 alphabets in a Playschool Grid. Level 2 will be called LKG. I will reveal 4 alphabets in an LKG Grid. Level 3 will be called UKG. I will reveal 3 alphabets in the UKG Grid. Level 4 will be called Undergraduate. I will reveal 2 alphabets in the UG Grid. Level 5 will be called Graduate. I will reveal 1 alphabet in the Graduate Grid. Level 6 will be called Doctorate. I will reveal no alphabets in the Doctorate Grid.

Every time I post a Grid, I will specify the Difficulty Level. You can take a shot at it depending on the difficulty level...

I've never been this liberal in life. I hope the man who wanted to nominate me for the Noble Prize for Economics, takes note. Normally, I don't bother about my popularity ratings. But since the Nobel Prize for Peace is at stake, I have to do my bit of charity.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Word Grid # 3 (Difficulty Level - Graduate)

Unsolved. So I am revealing the answers.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Word Grid # 2

Unsolved. So I am revealing the answers.