Saturday, July 7, 2007

Introducing new fairplay rules

Parasu & Srividya have been hogging all the points from the puzzles. Full credit to them. But their fastest-finger-first attitude might be discouraging several others who wish to play. So here are some new rules to ensure everyone gets an even shot at all the grids.

1. I shall post a maximum of 3 puzzles in a day.
2. If I post 3 puzzles, it will be of varying degrees of difficulty.
3. Everyone gets a crack at only one puzzle a day. What this means is, if you post your answers for one grid, you will not get a shot at another grid posted, the same day. Translated that means if Srividya cracks one grid, she will not be eligible to participate in other puzzles, posted for that day.
4. But in case, a grid does not get solved in one day, rule no.3 will be relaxed. And it becomes free for all.
5. Any puzzle will be open for just 3 days. If it doesn't get solved in 3 days, I shall announce the solution.

All the above rules come into force from the next puzzle.

Now you might accuse me of being anti-merit, but I think it's fair. Because no one should have an advantage over others, just because they are hooked on to the comp for 24-hours. Hope these new rules don't dampen any spirits. It's all for the greater common good of the lowest common denominator. It's one more please-all policy from me in my quest for the nobel please prize :-)

Any cribs, complaints or criticism on the new rules can be aired in the comments section.


srividya said...

No issues. not interested in the medal tally - just the fun of solving (and competition helps here of course). Am sure all puzzlers will agree :-)

srividya said...

oh and another point - if u notice parasu and self been hogging only for the last couple of days (read vetti weekend in my case) - come monday I sure as hell am as handicapped as everyone else. Maybe when the true twinkles of TLA come back up the chart u may need to level the field out again... :-)

parasu said...

I second srividya on that second comment :) no surprises there I would guess, but i did take a shot at only 3 puzzles till now I think and messed up on one of them..

I was kinda surprised at first at the puzzles being solved in the comments section.. but yeah I am fine with the new rules..

anantha said...

good. that was sporting.

pyl said...

yay! this works well for the lowest common denominator, me! hehe..

srividya said...

grid no 15 is too easy anantha. cracked it pretty quickly compared to other grids - but will not fill honest! Nice words i must say!