Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sigma 26 gets even more elementary.

Yes it's happened. I've decided to climb down from my high horse (boo hoo!) to your level. All for the greater common good of the lowest common denominator (that's you). I am going to increase the easiness level by revealing one more letter. And how am I planning to do this? Well, this is where the shape of the grid comes into focus. At least one of the words in the grid will start with the alphabet cued by the grid shape. That is, if it's a p-shaped grid, at least one of the words will start with p. I shall dangle this carrot from the next puzzle. Now wipe that smile off your face and get cracking.

1 comment:

pyl said...

thank u bro! u rock dude! now this is fun.. yes.. there are lowly mortals like me who love some fun : )

n plz give away a silver metal.. for someone who is a cats whisker away.. be a sport.. hehe.. : )