Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sigma 26 just got simpler

I was under the impression that you need the IQ of an ant to solve the grids. Looks like I was wrong. To spread hope & cheer in this globe, I've decided to segment the grids into 6 difficulty levels:

Level 1 will be called Playschool. I will reveal 5 alphabets in a Playschool Grid. Level 2 will be called LKG. I will reveal 4 alphabets in an LKG Grid. Level 3 will be called UKG. I will reveal 3 alphabets in the UKG Grid. Level 4 will be called Undergraduate. I will reveal 2 alphabets in the UG Grid. Level 5 will be called Graduate. I will reveal 1 alphabet in the Graduate Grid. Level 6 will be called Doctorate. I will reveal no alphabets in the Doctorate Grid.

Every time I post a Grid, I will specify the Difficulty Level. You can take a shot at it depending on the difficulty level...

I've never been this liberal in life. I hope the man who wanted to nominate me for the Noble Prize for Economics, takes note. Normally, I don't bother about my popularity ratings. But since the Nobel Prize for Peace is at stake, I have to do my bit of charity.

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